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Death By Salsa Death By Salsa

This intensely hot salsa is going to rip your taste buds right out of your mouth and beat you in the face with them!

Our Price: $12.95
Nasal Napalm Nasal Napalm Extreme Horseradish

Ignite your sinuses with this 4 time Golden Chili award winner with a torturous burst of horseradish!

Our Price: $12.95
Death By Wings Wing Master - Death By Wings

Insanely hot wing sauce that will burn you down. If you gotta die, let it be Death By Wings!

Our Price: $12.95
Red Claw Scorpion Mustard Red Claw Scorpion Mustard

If you like your mustard hot, then you're gonna love this!!!

Our Price: $12.95
Pepper Palace Reaper Salsa Reaper Salsa

Made with the worlds hottest pepper!

Our Price: $12.95
Mustard Vapor Mustard Vapor

Mustard Vapor

Our Price: $12.95
Wing Master Reaper Wing Sauce Wing Master - Reaper

A extra spicy wing sauce made with reaper peppers.

Our Price: $12.95
Tr3s Diablos Tr3s Diablos Hot Sauce

Beware the 3 Devils, they will turn your mouth into a lake of fire!

Our Price: $16.95
TIME'S UP - MUSTARD BLEND REAPER HOT SAUCE Time's Up - Mustard Blend Reaper Hot Sauce

Mustard Blend Reaper Hot Sauce

Our Price: $19.95
The End Hot Sauce The End Hot Sauce

The End Hot Sauce

Our Price: $34.95
The End Hot Sauce w/Book The End w/Book

The End Hot Sauce w/Book

Our Price: $49.95