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Grey Sea Salt Grey Sea Salt

Grey salt is a moist unrefined sea salt.

Our Price: $12.95
Himalayan Salt Himalayan Salt

The Purest Salt on Earth. This salt from the Himalayas is known as white gold.

Our Price: $19.95
Black Peppercorns Black Peppercorns

Use Black Pepper to spark barbecue sauces, meat marinades and vegetable stir fries.

Our Price: $12.95
Tuxedo Peppercorn Tuxedo Peppercorns

The black peppercorns are fermented, and dried green peppercorns possessing a crisp and aromatic flavour.

Our Price: $12.95
Green Peppercorns Green Peppercorns

Fresh berries picked before fully ripe, green peppercorns have a flavour that is described as piquant and fresh...

Our Price: $12.95
Greek Sea Salt Greek Sea Salt

Greek cooking relies heavily on salt to bring out the flavour of meat, fish and vegetables and most of the salt used is from the sea.

Our Price: $12.95
Coarse Sea Salt Coarse Sea Salt

Coarse salt tends to be less moisture sensitive than its finer-grained counterparts, so it resists caking and is easily stored.

Our Price: $7.95
Pink Peppercorns Pink Peppercorns

Pink peppercorns have a delicate, fragrant, sweet, and spicy flavour.

Our Price: $14.95
Chipotle Sea Salt Chipotle Sea Salt

Made with real smoke-dried jalapeno peppers and delicious as its namesake, this salt has a rich, toasted pepper flavour that brings a dash of fiesta to the table.

Our Price: $12.95
jalapeno salt Jalapeno Salt

Jalapeno salt

Our Price: $12.95
Ghost Pepper Salt Ghost Pepper Salt

This salt is infused with Pure Ghost Pepper powder.

Our Price: $12.95