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Glazin' & Saucin' Gift Pack Glazin' & Saucin' Gift Pack

This gift set contains 4 delicious sauces to finish with, marinade with, or cook with. A must have for any home chef!

Contains (1) of each of the following:

  • Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
  • Orange Ginger Glaze
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Hawaiian Luau Sauce

Our Price: $49.95
The Great Canadian Gift Pack The Great Canadian Gift Pack

A gift pack of 4 hot sauces including: Beauty Igloo, Fire in the Doughnut Hole, Great White Heat and Zamboni Zinger.

Our Price: $49.95
Arse Whoopin Rednek Gift Pack Arse Whoopin Rednek Gift Pack

Know a redneck with a love for hot sauce? Then git this pack for em!

Contains (1) of each of the following:

  • TRLR TRSH Hot Sauce
  • Burn Your Britches Hot Sauce
  • Southern Redneck Hot Sauce
  • Squeal Like A Pig Hot Sauce

Our Price: $49.95
Wing Master Gift Pack Wing Master Gift Pack

A gift set for the wing eater! This set contains 4 different Wing Master wing sauces to bring a variety of flavor to those chicken drums and flats!

Our Price: $44.95
Tongue Titans Gift Pack Tongue Titans Gift Pack

A collection of 4 of our best selling sauces. Black Rose, Chile De Ocho, This is the Sauce and Eighteen Carrot Hot Sauces.

Our Price: $59.95
Scorpion Hot Sauce Gift Pack Scorpion Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Get stung four times with this deliciously dangerous scorpion pepper gift pack.

Our Price: $79.95
Rectum?  Damn Near Killed 'Em! (Red Rectum, Dr. Fart, Bear Ass, Butt Burning) Rectum? Damn Near Killed 'Em!

Rectum? Damn Near Killed 'Em!

Contains (1) of each of the following:

Our Price: $49.95
Reaper Hot Sauce Gift Pack Reaper Gift Pack

Reaper Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Our Price: $79.95
Pirate Hot Sauce Gift Pack Pirate Hot Sauce Gift Pack

A gift plank to make you walk the plank! Contains a varied selection of sauces with a cool pirate theme.

Our Price: $49.95
Mixtreme Heat Gift Pack Mixtreme Heat Gift Pack

A 4-pack of some of our most extreme sauces. Includes: Mr. Pain, Smokin Reaper, Tr3s Diablos and Moruga Scorpion.

Our Price: $69.95
Jalapeno Hot Sauce Gift Pack Jalapeno Gift Pack

The perfect gift pack for Jalapeno lovers! Four of the best Jalapeno sauces in one great pack!

Our Price: $49.95
It's Good To Be the King! It's Good to be King Gift Pack

This pack includes 1 each of our famous King series hot sauces:

Our Price: $49.95
Habanero Hot Sauce Gift Pack Habanero Gift Pack

The original "hot hot" pepper. The habanero is nicely represented in this habanero gift pack.

Our Price: $49.95
Grillin' & BBQn' Gift Pack Grillin' & BBQin' Gift Pack

This set has everything for your Grillin' and BBQn' needs!

Our Price: $49.95
Ghost Pepper 4 Hot Sauce Gift Pack Ghost Pepper Gift Pack

For ghost pepper fans, this gift pack contains a well rounded variety of sauces all containing ghost peppers.

Contains (1) of each of the following sauces:

Our Price: $64.95
Fusion Gift Pack Fusion Gift Pack

A 4-pack of our Fusion line of sauces. Includes: Ghostly Garlic Fusion, Mango Fusion, Peach Fusion and Garlic Fusion.

Our Price: $49.95
Caribbean Creations Gift Pack Caribbean Creations Hot Sauce Gift Pack

The flavors of the Caribbean unite is this delicious set of sauces. This gift pack has been available for a long time running, and it is still a fan favorite!

Our Price: $49.95
Niagara Falls Gift Pack Canada - Niagara Falls Gift Pack

This gift pack includes on of each of the following:

Our Price: $49.95
DIY Hot Sauce Kit Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Our Price: $44.95