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1 Million SHU Extract 1 Million Scoville Extract

1 Million SHU Extract

Our Price: $39.95
3 Million SHU Extract 3 Million Scoville Extract

3 Million SHU Extract

Our Price: $49.95
Kraken Hot Sauce Kraken Hot Sauce

A mix of red habaneros and pepper extract that will definitely release the Kraken into your body.

Our Price: $19.95
LD50 Hot Sauce LD50 Hot Sauce

On May 18th, 2017, Pepper Palace released their hottest sauce ever. During a lab raid, another formula was discovered. The following is a video log recovered from the lab.

DAY 1 – Nothing is hot enough. We must keep pushing the formula..

DAY 17 – Ghost pepper has been added, but it is not enough. We require more.

DAY 25 – Adding unconventional amounts of Reaper Peppers.

DAY 32 – Reaper Peppers were not enough. Must be HOTTER! Planning to add pepper extract.

DAY 40 – We have multiplied the amount of Reapers and Extract. Starting to question the moral ethics of what we are trying to accomplish.

DAY 52 – Full protective gear now required. Formula becoming dangerously hot.

Day 67 – Beginning LD50 tests.

DAY 72 – Test sample uncontrollable. Extreme levels of heat. Containment compromised.

DAY 73 – Management has taken formula. They want to use it to create something even worse, The End. What have we done?

While successfully creating The End

LD50 was the beginning.

Our Price: $29.95